For the First Time Ever:
A Beach Touch Tournament in Bulgaria!

On the 22nd of August (Saturday), 2020 the first-ever beach touch tournament in Bulgaria was held in Sofia. Eleven teams split into two divisions – men and mixed – competed for the Serdi Touch Cup with every player contributing to a friendly, fun and fair play atmosphere at the lovely Sofia Beach sporting facility located in the foothills of the Vitosha mountain. The beautiful scenery provided an amazing backdrop for the games and further inspired players and supporters alike. 
The event was organized by Sofia’s Serdi Touch Club, which will be celebrating its 1-year anniversary in September. Beach Touch is a very dynamic variation of Touch, a sport also known as touch football or touch rugby. As one of its alternative names suggests, it originated from rugby and is part of rugby teams’ training drills to this day but also took its own course and developed as a separate sport in Australia in the 1960s. From that point on it has gradually become popular all over the world. This is one of the few team sports in which girls, boys, women and men can play together and against one another with mixed competitions making Touch quite popular across different age groups. 
Among the key reasons for Touch’s rapid development is the social aspect of the sport, which makes it easy for people from different walks of life to share amazing experiences together, the thrill of challenging yourself and being competitive, and, of course, the good exercise. It’s a truly fast, attractive and exciting game that can be played up to old age and helps you meet new friends. Bulgaria Touch’s membership in the Federation of International Touch and the availability of certified coaches are solid foundations for Touch’s expansion in the country. The sport is also played by most Bulgarian rugby teams.


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