The Bulgaria Touch Association was established in 2019 to pursue the following objectives:

1.    Developing and increasing the popularity of Touch;
2.    Supporting and developing public benefit activities in the fields of sport, education, science, culture, arts and environmental protection as well as safeguarding human rights and the spiritual principles and democratic values of civil society;
3.    Developing and stimulating sports activities and physical culture among the public;
4.    Supporting the interests and protecting the rights of people participating in sports;
5.    Increasing the popularity of amateur sport and the healthy lifestyle;
6.    Working towards the improvement of the capacity and the qualifications of its members;
7.    Promoting and working towards gender equality in sport;
8.    Developing and promoting high moral and ethical standards and principles in the practice of sport and sports activities in public;
9.    Contributing to the realization of the social functions of sport and the promotion of physical activity and healthy lifestyles among children, teenagers and adults;

10.   Supporting the social integration and personal development of individuals from vulnerable and at-risk communities.


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